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Clifford Hicks has joined the group as leader to continue our ground-breaking work in Quantum Materials. Among other things, he has pioneered the use of symmetry-breaking stress to understand unconventional superconductors.

Mingee Chung has established a new area of research in the investigation of quantum-criticality: mainly investigated by NMR, particularly applied to low-dimensional magnetic materials.

Cliff Hicks

A new web site reflecting these develoments is currently under construction.


As a Research Group within the School of Physics and Astronomy, we study many different aspects of cutting-edge Superconducting Materials at Ultra Low Temperatures. Our area of work could be described as the implications and applications of Quantum Mechanics in real materials. We investigate the properties of these materials by various techniques including microwave measurements, sensitive electrical and magnetic measurements, and the use of beams of neutrons and muons to investigate the microscopic magnetic behaviour of superconductors.

We have a history of fruitful research and continue to produce results which are presented at some of the world's most prestigious physics conferences. We are constantly assessing our research programme to keep abreast of or create breakthroughs in the field, and our group provides a diligent yet friendly atmosphere in which our researchers feel at home. We have a range of researchers at all levels, including Undergraduates (student projects available within the group), PhD students, Postdoctoral staff, Senior lecturers, and Professors.

Detailed information about our research can be found on this website, along with a few introductory pages for those who would just like to know a little more about this interesting subject. The technical and mathematical content of the website has been kept to a minimum to allow non-specialists to gain an insight into our research, and many of the pages contain photographs of our equipment and graphical representations of our results.

We hope you enjoy your time here!

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