Condensed Matter Outreach

The Condensed Matter Group actively helps to promote physics to a more general audience. The Outreach scheme encourages people to take an interest in Physics Research, and to bring the excitement of science to those who are interested but may not know much about the subject. The scheme includes various activities such as visits from local schools, and trips to these schools, media coverage of Physics events, and interviews with members of the department for publication in non-scientific literature. We also try to explain our experimental techniques in an approachable way.

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Recent Events

A visit by the European Section of the Jean Zay Lycee, France.

About 40 pupils visited us on Friday 10th April, 2015, as part of a visit around the Midlands. Here are some photos of their time with us.

School activities day

The school children learn about the properties of cold Solid Carbon Dioxide through an interactive demonstration:

The visitors are introduced to the pellets of
solid Carbon Dioxide

Placing a metal disc on the Carbon
Dioxide pellets produces a noise

Interesting effects when Carbon Dioxide
is mixed with hot soapy water

Making the demonstrations interative with
the help of a young audience member

Explaining the physics behind the mixture
to understand the effects

The activities day included the building
of a chinese dragon

The Carbon dioxide vapour is used to
produce the dragon's breath

Using the Carbon Dioxide vapour to
extiguish a candle flame

Learn more about superconductors with Basic Superconductivity

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