Dr. Mingee Chung (Jeong)


Birmingham Fellow

Research Topics:

Quantum Magnetism

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance




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Room: East 207

Research Overview

Quantum Magnetism

Spin ladders

Quantum magnets are systems of interacting spins on a variety of lattice. They are arguably the simplest of many-body systems yet revealing rich phenomenology. This enables us to develop from bottom up understanding complex quantum matter. We pursue, in particular, controlling many-body physics with quantum magnets so that they serve a benchmark for broader systems including cold atoms.

Quantum Phase Transitions

Quantum critical point phase diagram

A phase or state of matter can undergo a transition even at absolute zero by applying a magnetic field or pressure, driven by quantum fluctuations rather than the thermal ones. Remarkably, this zero-temperature singular point dictates the physics at high temperatures over a wide parameter space, culminating quantum critical behavior or emergence of exotic phases. We put our efforts onto categorising and quantifying the quantum criticality, aiming to construct a general framework of understanding the phenomena.

Spin Liquids


Herbertsmithite structure

Symmetry breaking and development of local order parameter has been a paradigm for condensed matter. We are, however, at the beginning of witnessing tantalising counter-examples including a spin liquid which remains to preserve the symmetry (or to fluctuate) down to absolute zero with a topological gap useful for quantum computation. We explore various routes to realising those exotic phases, for instance, through building in frustration, mixing different anisotropies or coupling spin and orbitals.