EPSRC Final Reports

GRANT REPORT EP/G027161 December 2012 01/04/2009 to 31/09/2012

Magnetic flux line structures and phase transitions in unconventional and conventional superconductors

GRANT REPORT GR/M29979 February 2003 01/02/1999 to 31/10/2002

JREI: A high-field cryomagnet optimised for SANS measurements on superconductors

GRANT REPORT GR/K87753 February 2000

The Utilisation of Slow Muons for Investigation of Magnetic Properties of Thin Samples and Surfaces

GRANT REPORT GR/J85523 01/06/94 to 31/05/98

Final Report on the 1994-1998 Rolling Grant on High-Temperature Superconductors: from Fundamentals to Applications

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