Introduction to Superconductivity - Learn More...

Here you can find interesting information about superconductivity. If you are new to the subject, you can find simple information to help you understand more about this fascinating field of research, and hopefully some of the more complicated topics discussed on this site may make a little more sense! Keep checking the site for updates!

Links to learn more!

Learn more.... Basic Superconductivity

Basic Superconductivity (4.9MB) - A talk given by Ted Forgan outlining some of the basics

Our own Celebration of 100 years of superconductivity

Physics World: 100 Years of Superconductivity - A free issue of Physics World magazine celebrating the 100th birthday of the discovery of superconductivity


You may also wish to look at our OUTREACH page where details of events organised for younger people can be found to introduce the exciting aspects of our research. If you are interested in visiting the department (examples include School trips) it may be helpful to look at the photographs of past events on this page.

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