Publications: Recent Posters

Here is a selection of recent posters presented by members of the group:

Alex Holmes: How to make vortex lattice diffraction patterns prettier and more accurate using Bayes’ theorem
Presented at the International Conference on Neutron Scattering, Edinburgh, 2013

Elizabeth Blackburn: A 17 Tesla magnet for small angle neutron (or X ray) scattering or reflectivity studies
Presented at the European Conference of Neutron Scattering, Prague, 2011

Georgina Klemencic: Direct Measurement of the Current-Phase Relation in Conventional and Unconventional Junctions
Presented at CMMP 2010 and the IOP Superconductivity conference 2011

Josh Lim: Ferromagnetism in bulk Cr-doped TiO2?
Presented at CMMP 2009 and Physics By The Lake 2010

Alistair Cameron: Angular dependence of the vortex lattice in an iron pnictide superconductor

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