Course 4 Projects

A number of projects are available for 4th Year MSci students undertaking a Physics or related degree. The projects enable students to gain first hand experience of being part of a research team. Projects last for two terms, with the first term being assigned to project development and experimental design, and the second to the collection and analysis of experimental data. The projects are a great opportunity for students to design their own experiment and lead the project in whatever direction they decide to proceed. Supervisors are present to guide the students but the emphasis is on the independence of the students and their ability to manage their own schedules and develop their own ideas.

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This Year's Projects


Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn
Students: Erik Jellyman, Alex Pitsillos and Martin Wray-Cook

Summary and Perspectives

This project involved a combination of magnetization, resistivity and heat capacity experiments in small fields (< 5 T) on samples of Nb3Sn prepared by Michael Brown (Tallahassee). These samples are also being studied by Louis Lemberger as part of his PhD project using neutron scattering. The main work of the project was on setting up equipment to run the resistivity and heat capacity measurements.

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