Group Meetings

Group meetings are held on Wednesdays at 1pm in the group library, E208

Group Meetings Summer 2011

18 May

Alistair Cameron

1 June

Georgina Klemencic

15 June

Alex Holmes

Group Meetings Spring 2011

9 March

Elizabeth Blackburn

16 March

Alistair Cameron

23 March

Ted Forgan

30 March

Josh Lim

Group Meetings Autumn 2010

17 November

Ted Forgan

01 December

Alex Holmes

08 December

CMMP Posters

Group Meetings Summer 2010

5 May

Josh Lim

12 May

Georgina Klemencic

19 May

Alistair Cameron

26 May

Joe Vinen

Group Meetings Spring 2010

20 Jan

Elizabeth Blackburn
CeCoIn5: the magnetic structure

27 Jan

Suz Gildert
Can you trust a quantum computer?

03 Feb

Ted Forgan

10 Feb

Chris Muirhead

17 Feb

No group meeting

24 Feb

Richard Heslop

03 Mar

Jo Healey

10 Mar

Alex Holmes
Exotic superconductivity in epsilon iron

17 Mar


24 Mar


Group Meetings Winter 2009

07 October

Dom Walliman

14 October

Joshua Lim
X-ray Free Electron Lasers

21 October

Ted Forgan

28 October

Jonny White

04 November

Georgina Klemencic

11 November

Alex Holmes

18 November

Jo Healey

25 November

Elizabeth Blackburn

02 December

Alistair Cameron

09 December

Posters in preparation for CMMP


Group Meetings Spring 2009

14th Jan 2009

No group meeting

21st January 2009

No group meeting; Cambridge collaborators visit

28th January 2009

Rich Heslop
Title TBA

4th February 2009

Jon White
CeCoIn5: "The core issues"

11th February 2009

No group meeting; EPS College Assembly at 1pm.

18th February 2009

Georgina Klemencic
Title TBA

25th February 2009

Chris Muirhead
Title TBA

4th March 2009

Colin Gough
A Wave Mechanical model of the Violin

11th March 2009

Joe Vinen
The curious story of the flow of a superfluid past a bluff obstacle.

18th March 2009

Ed Tarte
Neural implants: devices for repairing peripheral nerves and measuring nerve impulses.


Group Meetings Autumn 2008

8th October 2008

No group meeting

15th October 2008


22rd October 2008

Ted Forgan
Alistair Cameron's work over the summer

29th November 2008

Suzanne Gildert
Superconducting Flux and Phase Qubits: The current state of the field

5th November 2008

Dominic Walliman
Recent results

12th November 2008

Elizabeth Blackburn
Updates on supersolidity (conference report)

19th November 2008

Joanne Healey
Title TBA

26th November 2008

Christian Schuppler
Title TBA

3rd December 2008

Richard Lycett
Title TBA

10th December 2008


17th December 2008



Group Meetings 2007

24th October 2007

Charlotte Bowell
Planes & Chains in YBCO-124"

31st October 2007

No meeting

7th November 2007

Dominic Walliman
"Recent Progress"

14th November 2007

Alistair Rae
"Thoughts about Quantum Measurement"

21st November 2007

Ted Forgan
"Superconductivity above Tc in an organic superconductor"

28th November 2007

Jon White
"Beyond Abrikosov and GL in CeCoIn5"

5th December 2007

Suzanne Gildert
"Does the d-wave company have a working quantum computer?"

Joe Vinen's talk will now be next term

Talks given by members of our group:

Basic Superconductivity (4.9MB) - Given by Ted Forgan

Portfolio lauch day talk (38.7MB) - Given by Chris Muirhead

Spintronics and applications (22.0MB) - Given by Chris Muirhead

High Temperature Superconducting Qubits (460KB) - Given by Suzanne Gildert

The science of Microwaves (1.0MB) - Given by Colin Gough

Flux lattice melting in Niobium (2.8MB) - Given by Charlotte Bowell

Submicron structures and devices (2.7MB) - Given by Mark Colclough

Large facility physics (4.9MB) - Given by Ted Forgan

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